Experience Ultimate Mind and Body Relaxation

Floatation facilitates your critical thinking, learning, problem solving and self-improvement.

  • Proven To Reduce STRESS hORMONES
  • Give your body a break in a gravity free environment

Achieve total relaxation and your much needed peace and tranquility.

Floatation Packages

Individual Session Pack

  • 60-minute Float

    $65 Buy now
  • New Starters pack* - 3 Floats

    $149 Buy now

    Bring a friend Pack

    $120 Buy now
  • 2 x 60 Minute Floats

    5 & 10 packs are

    1. shareable
    2. Non-refundable
    3. 5 packs are valid for 6 months
    4. 10 packs are valid for 12 months

    Float Membership

    ~$15 per week Buy now

      We also have membership package where you can gain the maximum benefits Floating can have.

      Membership advantages include:

    1. 60 mins usage of Float per visit
    2. Unused Floats roll over for one month.
    3. Extra floats at $49 per 60-minute usage
    4. Shareable between two people.
    5. Free 2 Yoga classes per month.

Let Us Help You Relax!

The Floating Experience

“Floating” is the practice of spending time in a tank, room or pod that is enclosed, sound proof, light proof, filled with 40 cm of water mixed in with 550kg of Epsom salts (magnesium sulphate). The water and air temperatures are matched to that of a person’s skin temperature. The buoyancy of the water and Epsom salt solution allows the user to easily float in the water, removing any sensation of gravity. A state of the art float tank removes all visual, audible and physical stimulation to create experience that is not replicated anywhere else.

Float pods are designed to eliminate all outside distractions in the form of sound, sight, temperature, tension and gravity. This allows the user to experience a state where they can be free from distractions and therefore focus on only the mind. Decreased stimulation allows for users to achieve states of deep relaxation.

Benefits of Floating

Floating can facilitate relaxation, pain relief, magnesium absorption, creativity, critical thinking, learning, problem solving and self-improvement. All types of people with various backgrounds and ages can benefit from floating.

The buoyancy puts your body into what is essentially a zero-gravity environment: allowing your muscles and bones to relax, your joints and spine to decompress, and the strain on your circulatory system to reduce.

With no external stimuli, your mind stops worrying about all the background tasks that usually keep it occupied. Your fight-or-flight response gets a chance to relax, lowering your production of adrenaline and cortisol. Several studies show signs that your dopamine and endorphin levels rise, giving you a natural mood high which can often last for days.