22 Sep 2017
Therapy on Back Pain | Elevation Floatation Yoga

Back Pain

Back problems and pain are one of the most common conditions experienced among Australians in fact, estimates from the Australian Bureau of Statistics from a 2011–12 […]
8 Sep 2017
Sensory Deprivation Relaxing Melbourne

How Sensory Deprivation can Boost Your Creativity

Sensory Deprivation tanks can be used for numerous different reasons and purposes, whether it be to alleviate stress, muscle recovery, further brain stimulation or to simply […]
3 Jul 2017
floatation and posture

Floatation and Posture

Floating in a sensory deprivation tank can be an experience that is both tranquil and turbulent. The first floatation session can easily seem like hurdle that […]
31 May 2017
Reasons Athlete Should Use Float Tank

Float Tanks For Gym Junkies and Everyday Sportsmen

There have been a plethora of studies highlighting the effectiveness of isolation tanks on sport performance and recovery. Renounced athletes such as Stephan Curry, the Golden […]
6 Apr 2017
Floatation Pod | Elevation Floatation

Every athlete to use a float tank

When the athlete is in the floatation tank, the actual rate of recovery post physical exercise is enhanced beyond recognition. The recovery that would generally take a […]
17 Feb 2017
Isolation Pod | Sensory Deprivation Pod

Suffer from anxiety? Try a sensory deprivation tank

Anxiety is a widespread problem with the side effects dampening our day to day life and work performance. sensory deprivation is really a bad name for […]
11 Nov 2016
Our Pods Floating Relaxing Melbourne

Magnesium and the Brain – The Ultimate Chill Pill

Magnesium is a vital mineral that is often deficient in our diets. Heavy stress, exercise, lack of sleep and a lack of variety in healthy foods […]
29 Sep 2016

Floatation Therapy for Athletes

Previously unheard of, floatation has quickly become the therapy of choice for many athletes and sports clubs. The reason is a no brainer: floatation therapy has […]
25 Aug 2016
Floating & Yoga at Elevation Floatation & Yoga Melbourne

Flotation plus Yoga: Twin Therapy to Speed Up Your Health and Fitness Goals

Many people appreciate the value of yoga as an important refreshing activity with immense healing value. However, considered alongside the increasingly popular floating, or float therapy […]
4 Apr 2016
stress relief

For Optimal Health, Prioritize Stress Relief

Prioritize stress relief for your optimal health Yoga such as Vinyasa Flow, Yin, Slow Flow, meditation and mindfulness practices have been well-known associates of relaxation yet […]
19 Jan 2016
Float article Vogue Melbourne

Getting Tanked: One Writer’s 60 Minutes in Sensory Deprivation

This article documents Vogue writer Nathan Heller’s float tank experience. He goes on to say how he had always wanted to try floating but reveals he […]
27 Oct 2015
Breakfast @ Lululemon


Thanks to Lululemon Camberwell for the amazing connect.create.inspire breakfast we were lucky enough to attend on Saturday! What a great way to celebrate the game changers […]