27 Sep 2017
floatation tank experience

Floatation Experience Benefits

Elevation Floatation and Yoga is Melbourne’s first combined Floatation, Yoga and Creative centre. We have been providing the most effective and expert-led programs to rejuvenate your […]
28 Aug 2017

Float tanks and creativity

Float fact! A study back in 1992, tested college students with a few different scales that measure creativity and mood, both before and after a period […]
12 Jul 2017
Calf and Leg Pain - floatation tanks

Using Floatation Tanks To Relieve Calf and Leg Pain

Sensory deprivation tanks (also known as isolation/floatation tanks) can be used in multiple therapeutic, medicinal and restoration methods. We look at using flotation tanks to help […]
4 Jul 2017
floatation therapy

Could Floatation Therapy also be a Beauty Therapy? Yes!

You may or may not have heard about float tanks before. Known by various names including sensory deprivation tanks, isolation tanks, floatation tank therapy, restricted environmental […]
13 Jun 2017
Pregnancy Floatation | Elevation Floatation

Pregnancy and Floating

Pregnancy can take a toll on your body. Many women experience aching backs, sore feet and exhaustion. Gravity coupled with the added weight and pressure on […]
28 Mar 2017
Elevation Floatation Specials

Float tanks for better sleep…

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report that 30 percent, or 40.6 million, of adults are sleeping six or fewer hours a day. Chronic […]
26 Sep 2016

Seven Floats in Seven Days

Before In the lead up to the floats, I certainly noticed my neck and shoulders becoming sore, thanks to my terrible posture, which seems to worsen […]
8 Jul 2016

Key Benefits of Floatation Therapy for Pregnant Women

For anyone not familiar with the floatation process and particularly floatation therapy for pregnant women, it may help to determine exactly what this therapeutic treatment relates […]
5 Jun 2016

How to battle your Anxiety with Floatation Therapy

In our fast-paced world of today, the majority of us, regardless of our cultures and lifestyles, are continuously subjected to stress. Stressors are prevalent at work, […]
27 May 2016

Is Floating the new Meditation?

What is floating? fitness and wellness expert, Ben Lucas headed to Forever Floating in Sydney’s Paddington to find out. Picture yourself naked, in a silent, pitch […]
8 Apr 2016

The Amazing Benefits of Experiencing Floatation Therapy

When you look for any form of healing experience or treatment, it’s crucial that you should define exactly what they are. It is also important that […]
16 Mar 2016

Interesting Facts about Floatation Tanks in Melbourne

What Is a Floatation Tank? A floatation tank which also called an isolation tank, is a therapeutic tub with a non-locking cover. It is  used to […]