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Claustrophobia and floatation tanks – A testimonial from our member Robert Ventra

Being brand new to floatation tanks/sensory deprivation tanks, I was unsure what to expect. I found that training for tennis 6 days a week was leaving my body my body aching. After having all the health and wellness benefits explained to me- especially for muscle recovery- it definitely intrigued me to find out more.

Suffering from claustrophobia was something that was front of mind going in as the thought of being in a confined floatation tank was terrifying.

My first float tank experience was a little unsettling at first. It took me approximately half the session to get used to being in a confined space with and without the lights on. As expected this resulted in me having to open the lid and re gain my breath and thoughts. Really though, this wasn’t as bad as I thought it may be when I realised that I am in total control of my session and there’s nothing to worry about. Some deep breaths and re-focusing got me back in the darkness and soon enough actually relaxing.

I wanted keep working on my phobia in the tanks as it felt the most comfortable way to overcome it.
My second and third sessions were totally different. Getting in this time round was remarkably easier and I was able to relax and fully enjoy the experience of drifting away. After both sessions the next day my muscular recovery was significantly better. Feeling a lot less tense then usual and being more limber enabled me to be more effective and overall, perform better in my next training sessions.

If I was to give advice for those that suffer from similar phobias it would be to just remember you’re in total control of your surroundings. Play around with the lights and your position in the tank as soon as possible, keep focusing on deep breaths in and out.