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Insta 10 - Message - Counterbalance Self Defence classes starting 4th of March

Counterbalance Self Defence classes starting 4th of March

We are super excited to announce that we will have the opportunity for Elevation members and the wider community alike to experience Counterbalance Self Defence classes.

Starting on Saturday the 4th of March, our 2 hour class will run from 2:30 to 4:30 and contain everything you need to own your zone.

As huge advocates of martial arts we are very happy to be partnering with Counterbalance. The Counterbalance team are long time “floaters” and are big advocates of the physical and mental benefits of yoga. These sessions will provide a completely new dimension to our studio!

Counterbalance is a totally new method of communicating self defence techniques and philosophy, which makes it a stand alone experience from both a physical and mental perspective. The same mindfulness-ness that’s found in meditation and yoga is present in our sessions, which is why Counterbalance Self Defence and Elevation Floatation and Yoga are a perfect match.

To book a Self Defence session at Elevation click HERE, to stretch or float into the present moment click HERE.