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Effects of relaxation associated with brief restricted environmental stimulation therapy (REST) on plasma cortisol, ACTH, and LH.

This study done in 1983 measured the levels of stress hormones in two groups. One group was told to relax without using sensory deprivation or non-REST, while the other group was told to relax using sensory deprivation tanks/ floatation tanks – REST.

The researchers found that the group who has sensory deprivation, or REST had significantly lower stress hormone levels in their blood than the group that tried to relax without sensory deprivation.

The good news was that for the REST group, there was no decrease in testosterone production for men or oestrogen levels for females. This means that using sensory deprivation REST can significantly improve stress levels while ensure men retain muscle mass and women maintain their levels of hormones that help them stay energised and active.

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