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Reasons Athlete Should Use Float Tank

Float Tanks For Gym Junkies and Everyday Sportsmen

There have been a plethora of studies highlighting the effectiveness of isolation tanks on sport performance and recovery. Renounced athletes such as Stephan Curry, the Golden State Warriors and Manly Sea Eagles all regularly enjoy a float to enhance their post training recovery.
Can every day “gym junkies” take advantage of this as well?

The short answer, is yes. Floatation has a cumulative effect whereby ongoing sessions leads to greater recovery. Clients frequently claim that after several sessions they become addicted to the endorphins, the calm and collected mental state but, also, how quickly their body returns to an optimal training state. This isn’t solely for the elite. This is an elite method useable by those who want the same results without the million dollar investments.

Who can benefit from these effects?

  • Yoga practitioners
  • MMA fighters
  • Pregnant (yes, it makes your body work at the equivalent level of an athlete!)
  • Long Distance runners
  • Gym junkies
  • Many more!

On a physiological level, how does floatation help? Floatation has been shown to improve blood circulation through tissue, decrease cortisol and adrenaline which mimics an inflammatory response, improves immune function through the increased endorphin and serotonin release.

The increased blood flow is a major player in soft tissue recovery and the removal of lactic acid – which while useful to trigger improved performance – can take longer to be removed from the muscles than with floatation.

Magnesium is one of the most critical elements for your body’s incredible functions. Lack of this mineral results in poor sleep patterns, disturbed neurological processing and poor motor coordination. Not ideal when most wins are the result of split second decisions and reactions.

Mental visualisation is being discussed as a quantum leap forward in sport performance. Mentally rehearsing certain movements, results and patterns have shown to lead to significant increases in overall performance 1. The CNS (nervous system) can be trained to respond in certain ways with mental visualisation. The lack of outside influences in a floatation tank make this the perfect environment to increase your sporting and lifting capacity.

Many modern training methods are focused on helping athletes master their “inner game” and assist in developing perfect synchronicity between body, mind and emotion and where better to find yourself then in a setting that is designed to help you lose yourself?

Neck, Chris P., and Charles C. Manz. “Thought self‐leadership: the influence of self‐talk and mental imagery on performance.” Journal of Organizational Behavior 13.7 (1992): 681-699.

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