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Abdominal Muscle Pain

Abdominal Muscle Pain

We look at how women using floatation therapy can help in relieving and reducing pain throughout the body.  Centering on women that are pre, mid and post pregnancy, that have experienced abdominal muscle pain or developed abdominal trigger points that may have resulted in increased abdominal pain throughout their pregnancy. We also list the top 5 ways to relieve abdominal pain after pregnancies.

Using floatation tanks can help in reducing PMS signs, such as cramping, bloating, and soreness, particularly in the abdominal muscle area, which are some of the most common PMS symptoms. With a very high attention of Epsom salts, floatation tank offers an intense and immediate relief from many kinds of pain. Other significant effects of PMS are more hormonal; the physical pain is enough for some that it can lead to anxiety and depression. An improvement in pain can potentially mean a significant drop in these emotional and mental responses to these PMS side effects. If you suffer from PMS symptoms or are looking for an effective solution, floatation therapy can be the right method for you.

Floatation therapy can also help in reducing tight, knotted or sore muscles by spending up to an hour or more inside the float tank. The space created in the floatation tanks helps take the pressure off of tired and sore joints, muscles. It can increase the blood circulation, which in turn can then accelerate the healing of the muscle and speed up recovery. Many women that have experience floatation tanks for the first time while pregnant say they felt the effects after just one session. Telling that they felt almost weightless during their session, how any pain or discomfort they experienced before floating was now reduced significantly. Mentioning that a noticeable pressure was released both off their joints and abdominal muscles, where a large amount of their stress was held. Relaxed muscles are likely to heal faster than tired, tight and knotted muscles. Which may explain why pregnant women expired such an immediate reduction in pain throughout the body and specific abdominal trigger points or pains swifter.

Below we name five different ways pregnant women can relieve abdominal pains after pregnancy. Mixing these simple exercises with floating once or twice a week will help in reducing and speed up recovery post pregnancy.

Top 5 Ways To Reduce Abdominal Pain:

  1. Belly Breathing
  2. Abdominal Bracing
  3. Pelvic Tilt
  4. Yoga Boat
  5. Dolphin Plank