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How Floatation Therapy can help you this Christmas

With the hullabaloo of the silly season fast approaching, our stress levels can certainly skyrocket. Be it the added pressure of organising parties and events, the costs involved, unrealistic expectations, or excessive commitments, we can often find ourselves tired, irritable, and even a little overwhelmed. Hey, it happens. Luckily, and at the Melbourne studio of Elevation Floatation, we are in the business of de-stressing, emotional restoration, and offering a general sense of tranquillity and well-being. With our sensory deprivation tanks being some of the newest and most popular on the market today, there’s no better time than an approaching Christmas to include floatation therapy into your busy schedule.

Why Floatation Therapy?

It is no secret that in today’s hurried society, we often find ourselves unintentionally neglecting our health. And that doesn’t just mean physical health. At Elevation Floatation, we believe in a holistic approach in which the body and mind need to work in harmony. If one is compromised, the other can fall by the proverbial wayside. It’s a simple formula, but one that isn’t always considered. Floatation therapy has many benefits and has been used across the world for over 50 years to effectively treat physical and mental strain, reduce stress, and significantly improve sleep, things of course that are vitally important, especially around the holidays. So, if you’re feeling the pinch this Christmas, and for those of you in Melbourne in particular, you can now enjoy the benefits of the ultimate float tank experience at the Elevation Floatation state-of-the-art floatation hub.

Here’s a quick run down of how our floatation therapy and floatation pods can make your Christmas that much easier.

Stress relief

When we talk about the science of floatation therapy, it has been proven that floatation pods reduce cortisol production, which to put it simply, helps to alleviate stress. The unrivalled relaxation that floatation therapy provides also helps reduce anxiety and depression, as floating in the magnesium sulphate-enriched, 36°C water increases the production of dopamine and soothing endorphins. Naturally, the more regularly you float, the more significant the benefits, but even after one float, you will certainly notice the difference. Perhaps booking in with us here at Elevation Floatation is just the thing you need to help you cope with Christmas.

Improved Physical Health

When you’re floating, your body will absorb magnesium from the water. Magnesium is an amazing mineral, and when combined with the magic of floatation therapy, it has been proven to significantly reduce chronic lower back pain, chronic pain from arthritis, alleviate certain illnesses, and even some cancers. Float tank therapy is also hugely beneficial during pregnancy, enabling women to feel weightless and easing the pressure on their lower back. Therefore, if you have the added challenge of carrying a little bundle of joy over this Christmas break, then maybe floatation therapy is for you.

Emotional and mental benefits

After a long and testing year, a float tank experience is an excellent way to boost mental clarity and creativity, and especially during times of need such as Christmas. Those who have used our floatation pods here at Elevation Floatation have experienced a range of emotional and psychological benefits, including an improved problem-solving capacity, a boost in creativity, and mental sharpness. This is because the absence of external stimuli inside a float tank enables you to clear your mind of clutter and stress, two things that can certainly accumulate during December.
So, if the looming Christmas break is interrupting your sleep, increasing your stress levels, or has left you feeling unmotivated and flat, then perhaps a course of floatation therapy is what the doctor ordered. Regroup, reset, and create a healthy mental and physical foundation of which will see you handle the stress of Christmas with ease. If you’re in Melbourne, why not visit our Elevation Floatation Studio today so you can enjoy the many benefits of float tank therapy.