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Floatation, Yoga and Meditation

Floatation, Yin Yoga and Meditation are the gifts I give myself. In this very hectic world we are
expected to constantly do more, be more and give more. We do so much in our work, with our
friends, colleagues and family, but it’s important to give something to ourself first.
Meditation has been a part of my life for over 20 years and it anchors me when events and people
try to play havoc with my emotions. The fact is that it’s not what life throws at us but rather how we
choose to respond. Short daily meditation can, over time, help to create the inner peace we all
The Floatation experience has been amazing and has further contributed to my wellbeing because
it works on so many levels. It has helped me with a back problem, has been wonderful for muscle
recovery but best of all it has contributed to deep, relaxing sleep.
I am new to yoga but since starting Yin yoga at Elevation, I have begun to experience many
benefits that have helped me on a daily basis. I have become more flexible and am enjoying the
way my body is able to move more freely. In combination with the floating, I am beginning to
experience a new level of freedom within my body and mind.
To become a fully integrated person one must seek to responsibly create the conditions that will
bring change. Before a person can achieve goals one must first create the habits that bring goals
to fruition.
Meditation, Yoga and Floatation are three things that can begin the journey towards wholeness,
wellbeing and contentment. Once this has been achieved so much more can be accomplished.
Gemma Di Bari