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Woman in a Floating Tank Melbourne - Sensory Deprivation & Isolation Tank Therapy

How to battle your Anxiety with Floatation Therapy

In our fast-paced world of today, the majority of us, regardless of our cultures and lifestyles, are continuously subjected to stress. Stressors are prevalent at work, in the home, on our roads and even when we are taking our so-called ”time out.” It is a situation that initiates and develops anxiety in all its various forms. It could be seen as a common condition that is generally accepted as part of our lifestyle. In fact, it is one that requires some serious attention, such as that provided by floatation therapy.

How often do we mentally wish for complete solitude, away from the daily pressures that do not seem to ease? How often do we long for a place where we can just relax and let our minds wander into a world of pure serenity? Fortunately, these days there is now the popular sensory deprivation tank that will give us that sensation of peace and tranquillity.This certain device provides an increased sense of well-being, and crucially, relief from that ever-persistent battle with anxiety. A particular advantage of this

This certain device provides an increased sense of well-being, and crucially, relief from that ever-persistent battle with anxiety. A particular advantage of this floatation therapy is that there are no side-effects. It has also the power of countering the greatest enemy to our general health, stress!

Let the anxiety battle commence

Various research and studies have revealed that by relaxing in a sensory deprivation tank, you are provided with an alternative form of treatment. This particular treatment battles and reduces stress as well as relieving persistent pain. Those who have experienced lying in a sensory deprivation tank have accepted it as being beneficial to their wellbeing and expressed the wish of further sessions.

Issues related to a sensation of complete isolation in darkness and being confined in the tank are minimal. However, should you be someone who has these concerns, there is the potential of having some illumination or the entrance to the tank opened to a suitable degree during the session. You will also have the discretion of when to conclude the session at any time you wish!

Any person seeking an environment with the potential for helping in the battle with anxiety will find the procedure of floatation therapy, a technique that is not only healing but one that can be insightful and inspirationally creative. And the sensory deprivation tank is like a sanctuary where anyone can discover a complete relaxation.

It has been shown that after treatment in a sensory deprivation tank, subjects are excited to experience greater degrees of creativity, with a fresh and original increase line of thinking. Floatation therapy sessions are indeed an experience that is totally beneficial, due to the factor of spending time in a peaceful and quiet solitude.

In addition, floatation therapy provides you with the time to explore the sensations of your mind and body. The sensations which are usually obliterated by the stress associated with your everyday living demands. The sensory deprivation tank has given many users the experience of a pleasant state of mind. It also provides a pleasant experience which is being similar to that of dreaming and awakening, or a sensation of fantasy.

The greatest enemy of health

In our everyday lives, we are surrounded by several facts that could lead to anxiety. We are also subjected to burn-out issues. Stress and anxiety have become prevalent and considered being the greatest enemy of good health. It greatly affects our well-being, and self-esteem. Neurogenesis, the generation of new nerve cells, is gaining recognition as the key factor in certain brain functions; for example, our memory and learning abilities.

Amidst ongoing research on this subject, it has been discovered there are indications that stress and anxiety have the effect of preventing the new formation of nerve cells. Additional information discloses that relaxation, exercising regularly and the influence of an interesting environment found in a sensory deprivation tank do not only counteracts this condition but is also a creative way to fight stress.

The influences of a sensory deprivation tank in relation to stress and anxiety are very beneficial. The majority of studies show that an increased neurogenesis can enhance the creativity and intellectual performance of an individual. This sensory deprivation tank is, therefore, essential in helping us replace the several thousands of nerve cells we lose every day.

The formation of our new nerve cells is a constant process. Relatively, recent findings and ongoing research related to neurogenesis indicate that floatation therapy has the effect of reducing anxiety in the brain. Arguably, could be a natural and healthier alternative to prescription drugs for many anxiety sufferers.

Whilst the benefits derived from floatation therapy have been supported for many years by those associated with natural wellness, it has also seen a growth in general popularity. An example of this is that in 2011, there were a reputed 85 centres in the United States; today, there are reputedly in excess of 250. This is in line with the increasing awareness of a sensory deprivation tank providing relief for those suffering from anxiety and stress related conditions, including Post Traumatic Stress Disorders (PTSD).

Healthy release from anxiety

The complete procedure related to floatation therapy is designed to release you from stress and anxiety. As you open the door to a floatation tank, you are greeted by skin temperature, heated warm air. Then, you can lie back and relax in the sensory deprivation tank where you can float without any fear of sinking, due to the Epsom salt solution contained in the water. The complete darkness and relaxing environment inside the tank allows you to enter a world of absolute calm and tranquility as the healing properties of this therapeutic equipment release your mind from the anxieties.