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The importance of connective tissue and how floating can help.

Found this gem of a podcast called the Bright Side by Ben Fuchs. Ben highlights the importance in the health of connective tissue in the body and how relaxing your fascia is a key to maintaining overall health and well-being.

Ben mentions the benefits of warm Epsom salt baths and how great they are for relaxing your fascia. He talks about how your body likes short periods of stress and long periods of rest. Ben highlights that tension and toxicity of the connective underlines almost all chronic disease.

Both floating and yoga are great tools to ease and relax your connective tissue. Try it for yourself!

Ben is a leading nutritional pharmacist from Boulder Colorado. He specialises in using nutritional supplements where other healthcare practitioners use toxic pharmaceutical drugs. Ben’s outlook is that the human body is a healing and regenerating system, designed divinely to heal and renew itself on a moment to moment basis.

check out the podcast!