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Keep your Post Float Glow for longer !

There are few things that can make you feel as good as a float can. Much like stepping into an air-conditioned room on a scorching day or the beginning of a long holiday, it’s all encompassing and should last forever.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t take much to ruin the zen you just spent an hour cultivating. So in order to help make the glow go the distance, here are a few top tips to continuous serenity.


1)      Keep that phone on silent

Yes, we are all super popular and need to find out what the plans are this weekend, but chill. The world can wait just a little bit longer for you. It’ll be ok, trust me.


2)      Listen to the gut

Making sure you eat healthy is a super simple way to satisfy the rumble after a float. Stick with something light – like a salad – and keep the water handy. Your body will feel 10x better


3)      Combine the float with yoga

Some people have difficulty shutting down when in the tank. No surprise with the bustle of daily life. Yoga will get the nervous energy out while keeping you present. Inner and outer peace was never so easy.


4)      Schedule you time

This could be making sure your float sessions are the same time every week so you have something to look forward to.


5)      Make sense of the experience

It can be difficult to understand why you thought of certain things or had recurring memories in the tanks. Spend the time talking with people in the breakout space, you never know what you may learn.