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Sitting is deemed as the newest enemy on our horizon of day to day life. However, there is still come conflict as to WHY sitting is so bad – ranging from postural issues, sedentary lifestyle and poor blood circulation).
I’ll be looking at posture this time as its one issue I see every day and can be managed with a little know how and some attention to detail. 85% of people experience lower back pain in their lifetime. Let’s put you in that 15%.

The lumbar spine takes a big hit when sitting and loses its ‘lordotic’ curve which helps takes the load of our body. This is normal of course, however when sitting for long hours in this position there is another issue. Our hips become constantly flexed or brought closer to our body. Over time, the hip flexor muscles become used to being in this short position and the tightness overflows into our standing posture leading to lower back pain.

So here’s what we can do:
Twice a day when you’re up and about, hold a hip flexor stretch for 20 seconds each leg twice. When possible lean back and stretch your back on your chair to open up your spine to movement.
Combine these with a good focus on drawing your shoulders back when standing and strengthening up the core – this will be our focus next week!

Nice and simple and I will slowly be adding additional info every week to help you understand how to elevate your body better!