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19 Oct 2015
Chair Stretching

Lower Back Pain and you

Lumbar pain Sitting is deemed as the newest enemy on our horizon of day to day life. However, there is still come conflict as to WHY […]
15 Oct 2015
sprinnt & Elevation Floatation

Happiness and Rejuvenation!

This month is all about rejuvenation for both the mind and body. Elevation is proud to team up with Sprinnt Indoor Cycling studio who run amazing […]
10 Oct 2015
herald sun article | Elevation Floatation

Float to Better Health

Check out this great article by the Herald Sun on float tanks, their proven benefits and potential uses! Sensory deprivation tanks have fantastic benefits for everyone. […]
23 Sep 2015
Instagram Article

Effects of relaxation associated with brief restricted environmental stimulation therapy (REST) on plasma cortisol, ACTH, and LH.

This study done in 1983 measured the levels of stress hormones in two groups. One group was told to relax without using sensory deprivation or non-REST, […]
22 Sep 2015
Sprinnt | Elevation Floatation

“Relaxing, refreshing amazing!”

Elevation Floatation and Yoga has had a huge influx of athletes as well as casual users. Mel, an instructor from Sprinnt has just finished her Ironman […]
22 Sep 2015
Floatation Clients

Thanks to lululemon athletica Australia and New Zealand

Shout out to Victorian Managers for visiting the Elevation Studio on Thursday! Rolling on from their Monthly Planning day, Regional managers came in and used our […]
9 Sep 2015
Elevation Floatation Specials

Introductory Float Specials end Friday!

Don’t miss out. Gift Cards available. Bring a friend or have 2 floats for $80 Try floating for the first time for $45 Click “book now” […]
7 Sep 2015
Isolation Pod | Elevation Floatation and Yoga

Floating Away: The Science of Sensory Deprivation Therapy

Shelly Fan, a first time floater carefully describes her experience of “North America’s avant garde drug” sensory deprivation. She explains how shortly after entering the tank […]
26 Aug 2015
Elevation Floatation Shop

We Have Opened Doors!!!

After months of planning, building and some last minute council delays. We are super excited to announce that the doors to Elevation Floatation & Yoga are […]
30 Jun 2015
Elevation Floatation Pod

Floating and its Benefits

If you have not experienced floating yet, then it is an experience you must try. The sound of being locked up in a sensory deprivation tank […]
24 Jun 2015
Mind Body

Pre-Bookings and Gift Cards now available!

Our Mindbody online system has now been integrated into the website. Press the book now button to reserve one of our great opening specials!
9 Jun 2015
June 2015 Construction

Construction Continues

With the carpenters finishing work on all our wall frames, we now move on to the tricky business of wiring up our electrical network, the plumbing […]