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18 May 2015
Yoga News | Elevation Floatation

Welcome to our new interactive website!

Now you have far greater access to information on floating, yoga, the breakout space, our story, journey thus far, pricing, current news and our Mindbody online […]
13 May 2015
Floatation Pod | Elevation Floatation

Elevate your life

Elevation Floatation & Yoga is a pioneering, wellness, relaxation and creative centre for human potential in Melbourne’s inner suburbs. Our focus and mission is to elevate […]
13 May 2015
What is Floating | Elevation Floatation

New to Floating?

The best thing you can do is try it! Our Floatation Tanks are designed to eliminate all outside distractions in the form of sound, sight, temperature, […]
13 May 2015
What is Floating | Elevation Floatation

Why Float?

Sensory deprivation tanks can facilitate relaxation, pain relief, magnesium absorption, creativity, critical thinking, learning, problem solving and self-improvement. All types of people with various backgrounds and […]
12 May 2015
floatation therapy

What is Floating Therapy?

“Floatation Therapy or Floating” is the practice of spending time in an isolation tank, room or pod that is enclosed, sound proof, light proof, filled with […]