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8 Sep 2017

How Sensory Deprivation can Boost Your Creativity

Sensory Deprivation tanks can be used for numerous different reasons and purposes, whether it be to alleviate stress, muscle recovery, further brain stimulation or to simply […]
28 Aug 2017

Float tanks and creativity

Float fact! A study back in 1992, tested college students with a few different scales that measure creativity and mood, both before and after a period […]
21 Jul 2017
Abdominal Muscle Pain

Abdominal Muscle Pain

We look at how women using floatation therapy can help in relieving and reducing pain throughout the body.  Centering on women that are pre, mid and […]
12 Jul 2017

Floatation and Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is a devastating condition that causes unpredictable pain described as a constant dull ache and the inability to engage in everyday tasks due to this. […]
12 Jul 2017
Calf and Leg Pain - floatation tanks

Using Floatation Tanks To Relieve Calf and Leg Pain

Sensory deprivation tanks (also known as isolation/floatation tanks) can be used in multiple therapeutic, medicinal and restoration methods. We look at using flotation tanks to help […]
6 Jul 2017

Join the Elevation Tribe! Now Hiring!!

Elevation Floatation & Yoga is a pioneering, wellness, relaxation and community centre for human potential in Melbourne’s inner suburbs. Our focus and mission is to elevate the […]
4 Jul 2017
floatation therapy

Could Floatation Therapy also be a Beauty Therapy? Yes!

You may or may not have heard about float tanks before. Known by various names including sensory deprivation tanks, isolation tanks, floatation tank therapy, restricted environmental […]
3 Jul 2017
Depression and Stress Management

Study Reveals Flotation Therapy Helps with Depression & Stress Management

The World Health Organization (WHO) says around 450 million people in the world suffer from mental health problems. Worse, in the future, around 1 in 4 […]
3 Jul 2017
floatation and posture

Floatation and Posture

Floating in a sensory deprivation tank can be an experience that is both tranquil and turbulent. The first floatation session can easily seem like hurdle that […]
20 Jun 2017


Have you experienced Floatation Therapy yet and tested the benefits for yourself? Sensory deprivation tanks can potentially help with: – Athletic recovery – Headaches – Low […]
13 Jun 2017
Pregnancy Floatation | Elevation Floatation

Pregnancy and Floating

Pregnancy can take a toll on your body. Many women experience aching backs, sore feet and exhaustion. Gravity coupled with the added weight and pressure on […]
5 Jun 2017

Float Tank Comparison

What are the different types of tanks? Tanks, pods, cabins, sensory deprivation, isolation…there’s a bit of lingo associated with floating. Although the basic definition of floatation […]