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3 Jun 2017
Sensory Deprivation Pod | Elevation Floatation


We are excited to announce our new booking system. Floathelm will be a much simpler way of booking your favourite floats. The focus is on ease […]
31 May 2017
Reasons Athlete Should Use Float Tank

Float Tanks For Gym Junkies and Everyday Sportsmen

There have been a plethora of studies highlighting the effectiveness of isolation tanks on sport performance and recovery. Renounced athletes such as Stephan Curry, the Golden […]
2 May 2017

Infographic: The General well-being, Mental and Physical Benefits of Floating

Floating can facilitate relaxation, pain relief, magnesium absorption, creativity, critical thinking, learning, problem-solving and self-improvement. All types of people with various backgrounds and ages can benefit […]
1 May 2017
Elevatation Pod | Elevation Floatation

Personalise your float with different audio tracks!

Did you know you can customise your float with different audio tracks? We have 4 Solfeggio tone based tracks you can choose from and…. Very soon […]
24 Apr 2017

Why floating is becoming more mainstream

Find out why floating is becoming more and more mainstream! ‘While much evidence for a healthful benefit is anecdotal, numerous studies have indeed shown reduced blood […]
6 Apr 2017
Floatation Pod | Elevation Floatation

Every athlete to use a float tank

When the athlete is in the floatation tank, the actual rate of recovery post physical exercise is enhanced beyond recognition. The recovery that would generally take a […]
28 Mar 2017
Elevation Floatation Specials

Float tanks for better sleep…

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report that 30 percent, or 40.6 million, of adults are sleeping six or fewer hours a day. Chronic […]
17 Mar 2017

8 Things to Know About Tom Brady’s Favorite Self-Care Ritual: Floatation Therapy

As Tom Brady prepared to face the Atlanta Falcons in the Super Bowl, one part of his self-care routine was to include floating in total darkness […]
18 Feb 2017

Counterbalance Self Defence classes starting 4th of March

We are super excited to announce that we will have the opportunity for Elevation members and the wider community alike to experience Counterbalance Self Defence classes. […]
17 Feb 2017
Isolation Pod | Sensory Deprivation Pod

Suffer from anxiety? Try a sensory deprivation tank

Anxiety is a widespread problem with the side effects dampening our day to day life and work performance. sensory deprivation is really a bad name for […]
6 Feb 2017

New Yoga Timetable is now LIVE!

Begin your Yoga journey today with Elevation. 2017 timetable is now LIVE! Yin. Vinyasa. Slow Flow. Mindful Flow. Meditation. With more to come….. Book Now!
1 Feb 2017

BBC on Why do people use floatation tanks?

‘Now a growing number of researchers are studying sensory deprivation’s effects again. In 2015 a laboratory dedicated to studying floatation tanks was set up at the […]