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27 Jun 2016


Ever wondered why you should step into a sensory deprivation tank?? Check out these 5 reasons by Harpers Bazaar.
5 Jun 2016

How to battle your Anxiety with Floatation Therapy

In our fast-paced world of today, the majority of us, regardless of our cultures and lifestyles, are continuously subjected to stress. Stressors are prevalent at work, […]
3 Jun 2016

Stress Management with Floatation Therapy

In days gone by, for anyone wishing to gain the sensory deprivation tank therapeutic treatment, it meant being blindfold or placing the fingers in the ears. […]
31 May 2016

We Are Hiring!

Join the Team at Elevation! We are looking for a couple of fun, energetic and mindful to help us continue to elevate our community. Work in […]
27 May 2016

Is Floating the new Meditation?

What is floating? fitness and wellness expert, Ben Lucas headed to Forever Floating in Sydney’s Paddington to find out. Picture yourself naked, in a silent, pitch […]
3 May 2016

Treat Mum with a couple of Floatation Sessions

Thinking of some mother’s day gift ideas? why not treat her to some sensory deprivation or a pack of yoga classes. Gift Cards are available!! click […]
3 May 2016
wellness book of victoria

We have been featured in the Wellness Book of Victoria

We are super excited to be featured in Australia’s first Comprehensive Guide to Healthy Living!!! A must have read, helping you to explore Victoria’s amazing boutique […]
24 Apr 2016

Float to reduce stress and clear your mind!

Float therapy has been proven to reduce stress and clear your mind. Why not try a Sensory deprivation tank for yourself? Intro pack of 3 Floats and […]
23 Apr 2016
beautifull woman taking a deep breath at the sunset

Calm Your Breath, Calm Your Mind

In our increasingly busy society, the land of maximum productivity, continuous rushing around and lunches on the move, it’s easy to put ourselves at the bottom […]
9 Apr 2016

Cool cartoon explaining everything about floatation tanks!

Check out this cool cartoon explaining what floating is and why everyone needs to use a sensory deprivation tank on a regular basis. Created by Float […]
8 Apr 2016

The Amazing Benefits of Experiencing Floatation Therapy

When you look for any form of healing experience or treatment, it’s crucial that you should define exactly what they are. It is also important that […]
4 Apr 2016
stress relief

For Optimal Health, Prioritize Stress Relief

Prioritize stress relief for your optimal health Yoga such as Vinyasa Flow, Yin, Slow Flow, meditation and mindfulness practices have been well-known associates of relaxation yet […]