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Pregnancy Floatation | Elevation Floatation

Pregnancy and Floating

Pregnancy can take a toll on your body. Many women experience aching backs, sore feet and exhaustion. Gravity coupled with the added weight and pressure on the spine from pregnancy is the main cause of these aches and pains.

Through floatation you can experience weightlessness with zero gravity, relieving pressure from the joints and allowing your muscles to significantly relax. This may provide substantial relief from aching joints and muscles and may also increase circulation which in turn reduces swelling in your legs and feet.

“Of course, the most obvious benefit of floating while pregnant is its inherent physical comfort. Almost all women experience aches and pains from carrying the excess weight of a baby, and the weightless sensation of a float tank provides immediate relief”

Check out the below article on some of the benefits of a Float for your pregnancy.

Floating for Pregnancy & Prenatal Health