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Woman in a Floating Tank Melbourne - Sensory Deprivation & Isolation Tank Therapy

Purewell Psychology’s experience with Floatation

My experience in the float tank

I was nervous about trying floating as I do naturally become adverse to claustrophobic spaces. But the team at Elevation reassured me and made sure I understood how everything worked and felt comfortable.

I needed to shower before entering the pod, it was cleaning while I was showering. The pods are cleaned after each person and are hygienic. I was now ready to jump in. Not knowing really what to expect, but knowing I needed to relax I was ready to go. Ear plugs in check. You can float naked or in your bathers. Bathers on..check. I lowered into the pod, and off I was floating. Its quite an amazing feeling from the get go. I wasn’t sure if I would be game to shut the lid. I actually felt safe to close the lid straight away. The light inside is actually quite nice. So i shut the lid and left he soft purple light on and floated away. After about 10 minutes i felt safe enough to turn the light off. What a good choice that was. I actually lost sense of time, my body and the outside world. I found myself in a state where i felt like i was asleep but I don’t think I was. I was deeply relaxed and I cant recall a time I have felt like this in a very long time. It was a deeper state then induced by normal meditation.

I felt great. When the soft music started to play to let me know my session was over I gently turned the light back on. I did manage to get some salty water in my eye and ouch! Lucky the clever staff at Elevation had prepared for this and left a spray bottle in the pod to spray eyes with providing immediate relief. After my session I was able to dry my hair and straighten it. Then off to have a refreshing cup of tea with the staff and I floated off to a day full of client work. I slept very deeply for the next two days and responded to busy and stressful events much better then usual.

I was so excited by the experience I sent my Husband for a float and have recommended it to all my friends. Furthermore, I have decided to incorporate this in my own self care regimen and will be doing it regularly.

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