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Sprinnt | Elevation Floatation

“Relaxing, refreshing amazing!”

Elevation Floatation and Yoga has had a huge influx of athletes as well as casual users. Mel, an instructor from Sprinnt has just finished her Ironman race and needed help with recovery. Mel who is always looking for tools to add to her belt, thought she would give our floatation tanks a go.

“Relaxing, refreshing amazing!” are her words and we couldn’t be happier!
“On a scale of 1-10, my pain was at a 9, and after the session had reduced to a 6. The body and mind experience was amazing and 10 minutes in I could forget about everything. The next day my pain was at a 2/10 which is such an incredible improvement from a single session and a total surprise!
I have never had such a quick recovery. The pain I’ve been experiencing has improved significantly and I loved every minute of it. I would love to come back again!”

We are so glad that we could help and anyone who wants to get back into training quicker and perform better can book online and see the benefits of Elevation.

?Try Floating for the first time $65
?Bring a friend or have two floats for $120

For anyone interested in improving their fitness, check out Sprinnt at 537 Riversdale Road Camberwell for their dedicated indoor cycling facility!