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Seven Floats in Seven Days


In the lead up to the floats, I certainly noticed my neck and shoulders becoming sore, thanks to my terrible posture, which seems to worsen when I study. I had a lot going on study wise in the lead up to these floats, so I noticed getting headaches more frequently. I decided to try seven floats in seven days.


My first float session for the week felt a bit like my first float ever – I got in expecting something amazing to happen, to feel instantly relaxed and being able to switch my mind off instantly. This wasn’t exactly the case. I found myself going through the thoughts in my head, over and over, and at what felt like the 40-minute mark, I wanted to get out. But I pushed through, and once the music sounded, I was out. Prior to the float, I definitely felt tired. Although still feeling tired immediately after the float, I did feel that my mind felt clearer and overall I felt calmer. That night, I noticed a change in my sleep – a very deep sleep; I woke feeling much more refreshed than I had the last few weeks.

The second float, again, trying to force myself to get to sleep didn’t work. So this time, I really wanted to use my thinking time wiser than I had the previous day. I was much calmer going into this float, which definitely help ease my mind, I was able to think clearer.

Doing a Yin yoga before my third float was an amazing experience – the first time I had done yoga and had a float straight after. Being able to stretch during yoga and feeling peaceful post class, the float complimented this by relieving any tensions I had had that morning. Number three was my ‘breakthrough’ float – I felt like I was starting to notice the positive changes, both mentally and physically – from my floats.

I wanted to try and see if floating was a different experience when I kept my eyes open, and having always floated using ear plugs, I decided to ditch those too. I felt like I really experienced sensory deprivation during this float – eyes being open yet laying in complete darkness, sound deprivation, not being able to tell exactly where the water was around my body, I genuinely felt like I was floating weightlessly in a large, dark space, and that was a somewhat comforting and peaceful experience.

My fifth, sixth and seventh floats were probably the nicest. I was so calm before them, and not to mention afterwards. I would start seeing colours and shapes in the tanks, despite it being completely dark in the pod. I focused on my breathing during the hour, allowing myself to be not only more aware of my body, but also at times being able to feel my mind and my body as separate beings.

The most noticeable change during the week was how well I slept, I felt well rested every morning. I continue to feel like I’m sleeping better than I did before I did my seven floats.
My mood improved – and continues to improve. I was happier, but also more relaxed and calmer. I think that being able to spend an hour alone every day, in a safe and relaxing environment, allowed me to think everything through clearly and I was able to leave Elevation with a richer mind. I noticed that I spent less time during the day stressing about things, I was able to think things through thoroughly and had more patience with myself. I have also noticed that I continue to experience this state of mind and experience less headaches.
I was more productive with my work and study both during the week of floats and after, I managed to allocate my time more efficiently and didn’t feel that stress got to me as much as it had prior to the floats.

I suffer from knee pain on a daily basis, due to prior dislocations and complications. After floating every day for a week, I noticed that I hadn’t actually had any pain the days during the floats and still to this day, I have noticed a significant decrease in the pain I have been experiencing.

My floats were about a month ago, and I am still seeing improvements in my mood, sleep and the pain in my knees has been almost non-existent. I continue to incorporate the floating into my weekly schedule now because I have experienced significant benefits in my health and well being.