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Spa during the holidays try Floating in Melbourne

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Surviving the Christmas Strain: How Floatation Therapy relieves muscle tension

At Elevation Floatation, we understand that Christmas can be a tough ask. From trips to crowded shopping malls, the stress of organising dinners and lunches, work Christmas parties, and trying to tie as many loose ends as possible, the festive season can certainly cause us a lot of stress. We often feel anxious. Emotional. And very, very tired.

But it can also affect you physically.

While sore and tight muscles are a common feature of adulthood, unexpected stress or Christmas-induced anxiety can certainly play their role. While muscle tension can be attributed to a number of factors, such as working long hours or physical activity, the way stress and accumulative tension can creep up on you is something you shouldn’t ignore. That’s why, at Elevation Floatation, we recommend regular floatation therapy, and especially around the holidays. The benefits of floatation therapy are well documented, and range from relieving migraines, helping with back pain, and even provide a remedy for depression and stress-management, things, of course, that can raise their ugly heads during the Christmas pre-rush.

Floating in one of our sensory deprivation pods here in Melbourne is a great idea, especially if you can manage to book a float before the Christmas break. Overly tight muscles and muscular injuries can obviously limit your physical abilities, impact your daily routine, and even make it harder to sleep. However, our revolutionary floatation pods here in Melbourne have been proven to untangle such a rigid webbing of muscle tension, from your shoulders and neck, to your legs and your calf, all the while improving the quality of your sleep. Winning! Our floatation pods, in fact, while allowing you to become completely buoyant while soaking in magnesium-rich water, are very welcome on the spine and have been proven to correct posture as well.

As you can see, floatation therapy is a very useful form of therapy for all aches and pains, annoying muscle tension, and even structural issues. These on their own can be hard enough to manage, but with Christmas right around the corner, they can certainly feel more debilitating. More noticeable. So, if you or someone you know is feeling the pinch (in more ways than one) then an Elevation Floatation gift card could be the perfect Christmas gift to help with muscle tension and the added stress.

The Utility of Floatation Therapy for muscle tension

At Elevation Floatation, we know that our modern sensory deprivation pods are as good as they get. Whether you want to use our floatation pods for the proven health benefits, magnesium absorption, meditation, relaxation, improved athletic performance, or to counteract muscle tension and migraines, Elevation Floatation is a name you should remember. In terms of muscle tension, and to keep things in line with this blog, it’s a good thing to note that there are no complicated exercises involved or required stretching as part of floatation therapy. In fact, the most complicated part of floating is entering the tank and losing yourself within the healing waters of total tranquillity.

How peaceful.

The Christmas bells will fade. The hustle and bustle of malls will quieten. And your mind and your body will have a chance to heal and properly rejuvenate

Anyone can use floatation therapy to help with muscle problems. Many athletes float to alleviate the pain and mental stresses of sports injuries, but we have seen a huge increase in the everyday person using floatation therapy to help them with the day-to-day struggles of life. Throw in a hectic silly season on the horizon, and you can see why floatation therapy is as big as it is. Corporate workers with conditions such as carpal tunnel can also benefit from floating, as the vitamin rich waters can alleviate muscle and joint strain from vulnerable areas like the hands and wrists. Consistent floating teaches the muscles to respond better to repetitive motions like typing, and other heavy-use activities. At Elevation Floatation, we have seen that over time, many of our customers with work-related pains have reported a significant decrease with muscle aches and pains, with some even reporting to be completely healed with regular floatation therapy.

It’s that powerful!

Bring on the Christmas cheer…relaxed

As you’ve read, floatation therapy has many benefits for both the mind and body. While we have focused on muscle tension in this blog, the proven health benefits and state of calm that our sensory deprivation pods provide should be enough of an incentive to include a regular dose of floatation therapy in anyone’s schedule. Even if you float just once here at Elevation Floatation’s Hawthorn studio, you will notice instantly the benefits, which, while considering how stressful Christmas can be and how it can affect both your mind and body, is certainly a welcomed feeling.

If you would like to make an online booking before Christmas, then feel free to follow the link. If you have any other concerns or questions, don’t hesitate to contact us or even pop into our Hawthorn studio here in Melbourne.