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The Amazing Benefits of Experiencing Floatation Therapy

When you look for any form of healing experience or treatment, it’s crucial that you should define exactly what they are. It is also important that you should know the benefits you will derive from them. Doing this enables you to settle with the best treatment or healing process that is suited to your specific health requirement.

There are various healing or treatment procedures available in the market today such as floatation therapy. This is considered a unique therapy because it takes you into a new environment. A natural environment that is perfect for the body and mind to explore a true and complete sense of rest and total relaxation.

You are exposed to this therapeutic, almost space-like environment by way of extraordinary floatation pods. This pod contains 200 gallons (758 Litres) of skin-temperate water, infused with 1,200 lbs (544 Kilograms) of Epsom salt. Once you’re inside this pod, you can feel a sensation of your body being suspended. Your buoyancy is comparable to that of floating weightless in space. This is a condition proven to encourage the healing of your body, the freedom of your mind and a total sense of wellbeing.

Floatation for Stress and Pain Relief

In today’s fast-paced and highly competitive world, most of us find it a rare occasion when we are free from a seemingly continuous invasion of various demands that affect our lives. Whether you are a housewife, an office worker or a high-powered executive, the demands made on you every day by family, work or commonly, emotional burdens are endless.

With this bugging in your mind, you desire to find relief from these stressors. Imagine finding yourself in a situation of zero-gravity in a quiet, peaceful, and comfortingly dark environment. This can be achieved through floatation pods. Your mind and body are given the opportunity to regenerate by utilising the benefits of relaxation. It is a type of mental and physical healing process that has received accredited documentation. And this is shown by the penetrating relaxation of floatation therapy.

The anti-gravity environmental benefits allow for decompression of the spine, as well as the elimination of pressure points from the body. Your endorphin and dopamine levels are increased, resulting in you feeling a revitalised sense of wellbeing – mentally and physically for a significant period of time. The longer the time you spend in this surreal environment, the greater are the benefits to your complete health.

Pain Management with Floating

Management of pain, whether it is stress-related, created by over exertion or from old sports or accident injuries, has been aided by the success of floatation therapy. This treatment procedure is done in either relieving or in some instances, eliminating bodily pain. This pain can be felt in your shoulders, knees, back, and various other parts of the body. Furthermore, various reports have indicated that this type of therapy has been successful in reducing the pain factor, in conditions such as arthritis and fibromyalgia.

The near-weightless environment of being suspended in floatation pods in skin-temperate water and Epsom salt has the effect of eliminating pressure points in your body. It thereby permits complete relaxation of the muscles and joints, resulting in an increased blood flow. At the same time, the process enables a faster repairing of muscle tissue and general healing of the body. This is particularly true in the case of sufferers with injuries or chronic pain. This therapeutic environment has been shown to quicken the healing of broken bones and sprained joints; to a degree of about 50% faster than that when not utilising floatation therapy.

Although our bodies possess a significant amount of healing resources, they are absorbed by gravity and the processing of external stimuli. This is compensated for by the impact-free; peace of floatation pods that protect us from the major stressors encountered in our everyday lives. Our mental and physical wellbeing are given respite in which to heal and recuperate. Thereby, enabling our immune systems to strengthen and become more effective.

Your Peace of Mind

A unique and special advantage that many of us forget or ignore, are the overall healing properties generated by having peace of mind. It is a condition that is revisited by subjecting yourself to the surreal environment of a flotation pod. A complete state of rest and relaxation (R&R) contribute to providing you with a mentally induced release. This permits the brain to embark on producing positive mental impulses that release a surge of positive neurochemicals. Various researchers have indicated that the use of floatation therapy has significant benefits in the maintenance of mental health.

A reduction in your stress factor will be seen in a floating environment, in which you are released from the variety of burdens you carry. You will experience a calming of your mind that can result in the motivation of increased creativity. In addition, the action of sensory deprivation has the effect of allowing your mind to enter a theta or a dreamlike state. This is a condition similar to that experienced when on the edge of sleep or immediately after waking in the morning. The lower frequency brain waves induced by flotation therapy have been referred to as entering a state of inspiration.

Your Escape to Regaining Control

Sleeplessness is a state that is relatively common in the stressful environment of today. Hence, many varied remedies and solutions are being promoted by the media and physicians. Floating pod can be regarded as a natural therapy for mental and physical healing, including improving sleep patterns. In fact, many users have experienced relief from insomnia or other sleep-related disorders, even in respect of jetlag. This therapy has also seen success in the re-establishing of sleep schedules, especially for sufferers seeking to maintain a healthy degree of sleep.

Floatation therapy is an innovative and highly beneficial method of relaxation and healing for mind and body that for many could appear strange. However, it is, in fact, a condition and an escape where you are completely in control of your environment and all influences that impose on you. It is only through this floatation method where you can compete every single day of your life!