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Deprivation Pod | Elevation Floatation

What to expect on the first float?


I had never really heard of, let alone thought about floatation tanks or sensory deprivation tanks. Heading into Elevation Floatation and Yoga meant that not only did I get to learn about the benefits of both floatation tanks and yoga, but I also got to experience them.

I cannot float in the ocean, so one concern I had was how on earth I’d be able to in a sensory deprivation pod. I started my first float with the lights on, every now and then looking up to check whether I was actually floating or whether my lower body had begun to sink.
I thought a lot about how I would feel alone in a pod filled with water for an entire hour. I kept wondering what I could do or what I would think about. After accepting the fact I can actually float, and allowing myself to relax, I fell asleep in what felt like 15 minutes. The next thing I knew, music started playing which signaled the last five minutes of my float. Time went far quicker than I could have imagined in the floatation tank and I didn’t even have time to worry about what I should be doing or thinking.

I was very excited before my first float. I didn’t really know what to expect, however from what I’d heard, I did hope I would be very relaxed during and after the float. As I entered the tank I thought about how bizarre it was to be in a sensory deprivation pod that looked so different. Finally, once I allowed myself to let go and fully relax, everything became very peaceful. I found that by relinquishing control I was able to mentally drift off. I stopped thinking about anything and focused more on my breathing and I could feel tension in my body ease, and almost feel it ‘float’ away. It was an amazing feeling being in a flotation tank, one I had not experienced before. You feel weightless, yet supported. I came out feeling relaxed and my head felt clear.

Being able to really let go and trust the fact that you float, and won’t sink is important. This will allow you to really relax. Letting your head really relax and lay back into the water is probably the hardest part in your first float but once you can really allow yourself to let go, you can feel the tension in your head, neck and shoulders disappear. I thought about keeping the lid open, but I found once it was closed the space felt incredibly large.

I am very much looking forward to incorporating both regular yoga and floats into my lifestyle so I can continue to experience all of the benefits the two have to offer.