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Floating, Floatation tanks/pods, Floatation Therapy, Isolation tank or Sensory Deprivation” all refer to the practice of spending time in a tank, room or pod that is enclosed, sound proof, light proof, filled with 40 cm of water mixed in with 600kg of Epsom salts (magnesium sulphate). The water and air temperatures are matched to that of a person’s skin temperature. The buoyancy of the Water and Epsom salt solution allows the user to easily float in the water, removing any sensation of gravity. Our state of the art centre in Melbourne offers three float tanks which remove all visual, audible and physical stimulation to create an experience that is not easily replicated anywhere else.

By eliminating all outside distraction Elevation Floatation allows the user to experience a state where they can be free from distractions and therefore focus on only the mind. Decreased stimulation allows for users to achieve states of deep relaxation.

The Floating Experience

When floating in our isolation tanks there are no distractions and the increased amount of sensory deprivation, creates the feeling as if time has stood still. The incredible buoyancy of the water eliminates all forces of gravity and resistance on the musculoskeletal system and nervous system. These two unique facets of floating create a float experience to allow our patrons to calm overly stimulated minds, focus inwardly and unlock their untapped potential for recovery, health, wellness and performance. This sense of calm is improved by the full body absorption of magnesium transdermally that helps in the release of muscle tension.

At Elevation Floatation our regular float therapy sessions are 60 minutes long, though longer sessions are available via the BOOK FLOAT.We also offer great memberships for those looking to float on a regular basis.

The Benefits of Floating

With over 80 peer reviewed studies on Floatation therapy there are many benefits to floating that have been medically proven. Continued research in the field is showing highly promising results in several areas relating to: relaxation, pain relief, magnesium absorption, creativity, critical thinking, learning, problem solving and self-improvement. All types of people with various backgrounds and ages can benefit from floating. It can almost serve as a mini vacation from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

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Float Pricing and packages

  • 60 Min Float

    60 min float. Please note a 24 cancellation policy applies.

    $65.00 Buy Now
  • 90 Min Float

    90 min float. Please note cancellations within 24 hours will incur a full session cost.

    $85.00 Buy Now
  • Bring a Friend

    2x 60 Min Floats

    Can be shared or used for one client. 4 Month Expiry from date of purchase

    $120.00 Buy Now
  • Introductory 3+1 Float Pack

    4x60 Min Floats

    Non-shareable. 3 month expiry from purchase date. Introductory offer only, limit of 1 per person.

    $149.00 Buy Now
  • 5 Float Pack

    5 pack of 60 min floats.

    Shareable with one other (5 month expiry)

    $250.00 Buy Now


  • Cathy cigana
    Very amazing experience!! It was just what I needed!! This is my third float & it's getting easier to relax & enjoy the peace!! I have already purchased a 4 visit special to look forward to!!??
    Cathy cigana
  • Idelson Carlos
    Had an amazing experience! The staff at Elevation were extremely friendly and professional. Immediately upon my arrival, I was offered water, tea and partook on a short induction on what I would expect of my first experience floating; followed by a quick tour of the studio. The pods were extremely clean and absolutely comfortable. Despite my phobia of small and compact places I dozed off in a matter of minutes! The serenity within the pod was mind blowing and somewhat out of this world! Upon completion of my session, the staff asked for a detailed feedback of my experience (in which I gladly provided) and assured me that the following visit would be a lot better! I have since been to Elevation and Floatation Yoga on multiple occasions and have recommended to family and friends.
    Idelson Carlos
  • Sarah Jesudason
    That was such an amazing experience! I highly recommend it to everyone. I did a yoga class followed by a float and it was just the most surreal experience and such a perfect combo! Thanks guys for making me feel comfortable and relaxed and also for the mad chats! Everyone was sooo friendly! I'll definitely be coming back :)
    Sarah Jesudason
  • Luke Piccolo
    Floating is the best!!! So relaxing, I have been to half a dozen or so Floatation places and this by far is the best! Very friendly staff, modern tanks and shower setup and just the best environment. Perfect for physical recovery, mental well-being and both at the same time!
    Luke Piccolo