Our Pods

Elevation Floatation uses Dreampods. These float tanks are some of the largest and most state of the art in the world. Ergonomically designed, our sensory deprivation pods have enough room to fit the tallest of individuals. They are about the same size of a small car!

People with claustrophobia consistently report no problems with floating in our Dreampods. The floatation tank dimensions are 2.8 metres in length, 1.8 metres in width and 1.75 metres in height. You are completely in control of every aspect of your floating experience. You can float with the door open or closed, you can leave lights on, turn on music and you can even go in and out of the tank as you please. The door is very lightweight and opens easily from the inside at any time.

Created by a team of float experts in Hong Kong and Singapore, they have almost ten years of Float Tank experience and now ship some of the stealthiest, advanced, hi-tech and spacious float pods, float tanks and float rooms to many destinations around the world.

Customised Deep Meditation Music

For the first ten minutes and last 5 minutes in your float therapy session we have setup tones designed for a deeply enhanced relaxation experience. Our audio tracks are designed to ease you into the deepest meditative state possible.

We do offer the ability to play our musical tones throughout the entire float tank session.

AND NOW we also offer our own guided meditations called DREAMSCAPES…… these are truly new landscapes for the mind. Using sounds, music, binaural beats, entrainment and guided imagery, they first of all relax the conscious mind, then gently engage and transport the floater to a place of deep learning in the subconscious where they can alter behaviour, improve performance and relieve physical conditions effectively.
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We also encourage mixing up your floats with no music, as each way provides you a unique floatation experience.

Chakra Light LED System

Colour therapy settings range from subtle electric-blue through to a series of vibrant colours of our chakra system, which can be held at the colour of your choice or rotate through them all at a calm pace for a light therapy session.

Sanitation in the Dreampod

High Epsom Salt Effect

The water in the float tank is about 40% Epsom salt. No pathogenic organisms can survive salt concentrations above 10%.

The Dreampod comes well equipped with several features to maintain hygiene of the water.

The main filter device is a custom built stainless steel enclosure holding a replaceable 10 micron filter bag, capable of filtering debris in the water as small as 1/4 the size of the diameter of a human hair. Water is also pumped by a UV light array, taking care of any micro-organisms that survive the extreme salt content of the water. The Dreampod is the first to feature a dual chemical injection system, allowing us to maintain strict levels of health and safety standards.

The Chemistry

Measurements of the pH, alkalinity, specific gravity, chlorine and temperature of the tanksare collected daily.

Food grade Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) is introduced daily as our secondary source of disinfectant. In our atmosphere, H2O2 is naturally produced when UV light strikes oxygen in the presence of moisture. In nature, this H2O2 is often used as a cleanser. An example is that of a lightning storm. During a lightning storm, traces of pure Hydrogen Peroxide are produced which in turn kill many different types of bacteria and fungi which might otherwise grow out of control.